Hi there. I’m Faye, and I’m a writer based in London, UK. 

I like writing funny stuff, and serious stuff, and fantasy sci-fi stuff, depending on the weather.

At the moment, I’m seeking representation for my first novel, The PTA Assassin. It’s commercial women’s fiction with a spy twist, and it’s been fantastic fun writing it. I’m pretty sure there’s a drone stationed over my house thanks to all the research!

I’m just starting a new manuscript. It’s a middle-grade fantasy ghost story called The Ship of Sorrows. It’s based on a story I made up for my son when he was a baby, and promised I would write. He’s eight now, so it’s a lot darker than the original, but just as magical.

If you’re interested in any of my novels and want to find out more, contact me at fayelbrann@gmail.com.