Conversation with Anastasia Ashman

Tweeting with Anastasia Ashman, Author of Tales from the Expat Harem

Q: How do you think expat writing differs from travel writing?

A: It’s the difference between sampling for the experience vs. considering this may become part of your life going forward.


Q: What made you specifically speak out about identifying expat lit as a genre in its own right? Why is that important to you as an author?

A: Why make distinction between #expat lit & #travel lit? Because accurate market positioning helps you find your readers.


Q: @AnastasiaAshman what do you think the difference is between the two markets? Is it only expats who read #expat lit?

A:  #expat lit draws readers interested in how other cultures change you, how your own center might move.


Q: Who are the readers and how is accurate market positioning beneficial if #expat lit remains unrecognised as a genre?

A: #expatlit readers are the same people who like inner journeys, writing by émigrés, with a culturally nuanced perspective. The biggest distinction of #expatlit is that it’s not #travelliterature.


Q: Do you think a genre specific listing on Amazon or a labelled shelf in a shop would attract more #expat readers or restrict a wider readership?

A: An #expat lit category at Amazon would attract more #expatlit readers, not all of whom are expats – plus – tagging previous works as expat lit would draw readers of that larger group of works.


Q: How much does your online presence influence sales and what are the most successful marketing channels for #expat lit?

A: The #onlinepresence of ANY author can influence sales. For #expatlit, even more so with #expat readers spread geographically. #onlinepresence of an #author affects sales by cementing a community of readers, inviting engagement in the creation process.


Q: Are big publishing houses put off by the wide geographical spread of #expatlit readers with small market in home territory e.g. US/UK?

A: Publishers who know their readers/are strong in online sales + ebook first types aren’t put off by geo-spread #expatlit

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